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We often look forward to the day we can sit back and relax…retirement.  But for some, it’s not what it’s cracked up to be, depending on your circumstances.  Although the idea of sitting back and relaxing sounds good, some find themselves working just as hard as they did before…and loving it!

Over the next few months, Gwen will share how she spends her days, giving back to the community, and enjoying what she does.

As a media specialist/librarian in the Detroit Public Schools, I would observe parents in search of life exploding experiences to inspire their children to be motivated to learn.  The question was asked of me, “Ms. Lewis, what can I do with my children at home?”  This burst of energy by parents inspire me to publish the guide, Plant a Seed…Read!!! 101 Activities to Motivate Children to Read.  After many workshops and seminars on the topic I desired to take my project to another level.

It wasn’t long before I heard the Detroit Association of Black Storytellers share stories and biographies.  The turning point in my life came when I joined the association.  My life hasn’t been the same.  I began sharing multi-cultural stories, interpretive poetry; re-enacting the lives of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mrs. Coretta Scott King; Mary McLeod Bethune; Sojourner Truth; and Maya Angelou.  I am requested to speak at schools, libraries and senior centers.  I sometime challenge the Sunday school classes with interactive live Biblical Storytelling.  I have enhanced my presentations by attending storytelling seminars, acting classes and African Drum Lessons.

Now I think I have arrived.  I combine storytelling and follow-up activities.  The topic is…After Storytelling, Then What?  “Do you walk away from your students (young or old) after a story or do you follow-up with activities for them to remember your story (your message) (your presence)?”

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313.467.9294    glewis2@mi.rr.com